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Channeling Healing Energy: Gratitude

This post is going to be very brief and only going to touch a subject that we will  expand further in the future: Healing Energy.

We want to first cover the basics and help those that might be having trouble channelling positive and healing energy while meditating. For Reiki, laying on of hands, crystal healing and any holistic practise, this can be the “fuel that starts the engine” when you are having difficulty concentrating, starting the flow of energy or feeling “blocked”.

Start as you normally would, with your choice of meditation or relaxation method and try to focus on your hands and forehead. When you are completely relaxed, feel gratitude. Focus on things or people that make you feel grateful.


Are you struggling trying to channel this feeling? Is it the word gratitude, does it make you uncomfortable?

Maybe you are struggling with some negative feelings, depression or just going through a rough period in your life. If this is the case, try to relax until the word gratitude isn’t bringing up any bad memories. It might take some time, but you can do it.

Count your blessings

Focus on the things that make you feel grateful. If you can’t think of anything off the top of your head, we can help!

Focus on events that made you feel happy and comfortable, meeting people, long walks, places you visited, websites you discovered (hint hint), tasks that took an unexpected turn, delicious food you tasted in the last day… last week, last year, keep going until you find things you had forgotten that you were grateful for.

You can also focus on your surroundings and present conditions, you don’t have to look very far.

Be grateful for the room that is sheltering you right now from the elements, take a moment to feel safe and at peace where you are.

Be grateful for your body, your lungs for breathing in the air readily available, your heart for beating and every functioning organ.

Concentrate on that feeling of gratitude, let it take over, feel the tingle on the palm of your hands, let it flow through your body.


Practise this regularly until you can channel the necessary energy at will.

This is one excellent exercise for letting energy in and achieving a much higher healing vibration.

It is a catalyst for meditation, where one then proceeds to guide it towards one’s goal.

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