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Mindful Walking

While we do love meditation, sometimes our body feels the need to move, especially after long hours in front of a computer, gaming on Steam.

This is when mindful walking is particularly effective.

Mindful walking or walking meditation, is meditating while walking and being very aware of your body and your surroundings. You will not reach the deep meditative state that traditional meditation affords you, but you will still feel energized and at peace, as well as able to quiet the mind quite successfully and rapidly.

This is one of the best ways to release stress after work or a heated argument.

Before you start, wear comfortable clothing and footwear. When you are ready, move to your preferred location, somewhere you can walk freely and enjoy some fresh air (or just use a treadmill if that is all you have available – if you do though, read all instructions and adapt, to avoid mishaps).

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and focus on your legs. Feel the weight of your body against the ground, and slowly move your legs forward. Feel as if your connection to the ground goes deeper, as if you grow roots, roots that are draining away your stress, and replenishing your energy levels. These roots are light but very strong.

Keep this in mind and as you move forward, feel the air around you draining your stress. Breath naturally and try to maintain a soft body. Let go of all thoughts of routine, worries and pressure. You are free now, comfortable and being embraced by nature and your surroundings.

You are a vessel being filled by light. Move at a relaxed pace, do not strain yourself. Continue until you feel the need to stop.

The environment and movement should merge into one. For this to happen, you have to maintain a comfortable and relaxed pace throughout. Remember, it is called mindful walking, not mindful running.

Now that you are more relaxed, you can return to your daily dose of adventure and peril.

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