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What are Chakras?

Chakra Basics


What are Chakras?

Most people have an idea of what a chakra is but some aren’t sure of what they are for or how exactly they work. They are several diagrams or images online depicting the location of the seven major chakras and you have probably seen a few, but in truth we have many more chakras in our body.

Chakras are energy centres/vortices or spirals inside ourselves that connect to our body and organs energetically.  They are located in nerve centres in our body.

So what do chakras do exactly and what purpose do they serve? 

Our seven main chakras connect us with our environment and absorb or release energy of a similar frequency. They are channels and each connect to different parts of ourselves, different organs and different parts of our psyche, personality, past and future self. They are very important for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle both spiritually and physically.

A blocked or unbalanced chakra will lead to problems and can bring about physical symptoms, even health problems as well as psychological ones. A good example of this is a blocked 6th chakra (centre of the forehead, where the two optic nerves cross each other in the brain) can lead to frequent headaches, and a blocked 5th chakra (throat) can lead to a sore throat or difficulty expressing oneself and shyness.

How to balance chakras?

We must first be aware if there is an imbalance, as our bodies are in constant change and adaptation. Awareness is key, and if we are certain that a problem exists and persists, there are many ways we can go about handling it.

Our chakras contain information in the form of a color vibration and in order to balance them, we should bring in the color vibration that resonates at the same frequency of the chakra in need.

How do we do that? This can happen all around us as we surround ourselves with colour, but we can do so actively choosing which colours to wear, eat, look at and even imagine or visualize during meditation. We can receive colour and light through our skin, breath, while eating, herbs, vitamins, aromatherapy, sound, minerals, clothing and decoration.

There are many other ways to help reenergize and balance chakras, such as meditation, Yoga, Reiki, crystal healing, natural foods containing colours of the chakras, music and dance, positive colour decoration, exercise, positive thoughts and many others (nature retreats are especially good for many of these practises).


These are just basic notions but we will be adding more information, especially when we address each one of the seven chakras and how to nurture them.

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