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Cleansing Bath – Purging Negativity

This post will cover the basics of a cleansing bath. What exactly does this entail? Well, we will only cover the basic notions and practises, without going into detail on variations as there are too many and most of them are personal preference as well as situational.

What exactly is a cleansing bath?

When we clean our physical body, a shower or bath, we get rid of impurities on the surface of our body, but we do not clean our spiritual body, which is also filled with similar impurities from our everyday life (negative thoughts that are attached to our aura as well as bad habits, influences and connections to other people that are harmful, especially those that wish us harm).

Cleansing baths are particularly useful for those that have been the target of harmful mystical practises, like a hex  or the evil eye, or even the victim or the subject of negative emotions from those around, like envy or resentment.

How to prepare a cleansing bath:

The right time:

This can be done whenever needs to be done but the best time for it is definitely during the waning moon. The waning moon represents letting go, release and contemplation. It is the best time for cleansing, getting rid of anything undesired.


The very basic ingredients are salt (sea salt, not refined) and water. A handful of salt will do, dissolved in water. You can add herbs that will add a specific property to the bath or a combination of these if you have a purpose in mind, but sea salt and water will work just fine. If you do add any herb, make sure it will not cause any skin irritation, and to avoid a mess in the bath, add an infusion of the herb instead of placing the herbs with the salt water (but make sure you make the infusion yourself, to insure purity).

Place the ingredients in a bowl or any container that you can take to the bathroom and keep it within reach, take a shower or bath as you normally would. You can of course do any sort of variation here, add background music, light up a candle, whatever makes you comfortable, we are just covering the basics.

After you finish cleaning yourself, while still in the bathtub or shower, reach for the container and, from the neck down, pour the sea salt and water mixture slowly over yourself, making sure the mixture washes over your whole body. While you do this, imagine all the negative energy washing away with the water.

Afterwards, pat yourself dry rather than rub, and DO NOT RINSE THE MIXTURE OFF YOU! You can, however, wash it off your tub.


How does this work? Salt is a mineral which has its own energy and vibration. It has been used for a long time in protection rituals as it can help cleanse, heal and balance energy, while repelling negative vibrations. Water mixed with sea salt will draw away everything holding onto the body that doesn’t belong there but it will also make us feel slightly drained and tired, as this is a very powerful ritual.

If you feel tired, do not worry, it is quite normal. Replenish your energy by resting comfortably, eating natural and energy rich foods, surround yourself with positive vibrations to make sure you keep all that negativity at bay!



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