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Cleansing Bath – Protective Cleanse

This cleansing bath is an extension of our basic cleansing bath but with added ingredients and steps, as this will not only cleanse but also protect the bather from future negativity for a short period of time.

Please do read the other post first. 

This particular bath has to be prepared ahead of time, as it does involve making an infusion that has to cool off (you don’t want to pour hot water over your body!).

Required ingredients:

After having prepared a mixture of sea salt and water (a handful of sea salt will do), set it aside and peel the 4 cloves of garlic. After peeling them, cut a cross into each one of the tops (the flatter end) leaving one of the ends holding each of the cloves together.

Make an infusion of the garlic and rue by bringing water to a boil, (1 pint is enough) turn off the heat and and add the rue and garlic to it (similar to making tea).

Add the infusion to the salt water and use this mixture for the cleansing bath. Make sure you express your intent while pouring the mixture over your body, this is very important as intent and willpower play an important role in all ritual and spiritual work.

Overall this should be a fairly simple bath, you just follow the instructions of our other post.

The garlic and rue enhance this bath with even more cleansing powers and also protect from future harm for a short period of time, shielding the user. The exact period of this protection will vary, depending on an individual’s interaction with negativity, but on average it will last approximately week.

Something to be mindful of, this recipe was given to us as is and we were told the ingredients couldn’t be changed. We believe one’s intuition should be the first to take part in any spiritual practise, and according to that rule, the herbal ingredients could be exchanged for another protective herb of one’s choosing, HOWEVER, for this specific ritual we do not recommend doing that, as it might alter the effectiveness of the bath.

One can always meditate to enhance perception and awareness of the protective qualities of this bath and whether they should be renewed or not.


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