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Learn How to Ask: The Power of Affirmations

“Good things come to those who wait.” Great sentence that conveys patience but by now we all know things aren’t that simple, things don’t just happen to people that patiently wait for them. For certain things to happen we have to set things in motion, fight for them, set up a chain of events that will lead to a desired outcome. Other things will simply come to us as blessings or curses (we might see them as curses, but everything has a purpose).

In any of those situations, we ask for things to happen. All our lives, we either pray, talk to our spiritual guides, to ourselves and we do ritual and mystical work using the wrong words, attitude and sentences. We don’t make proper use of the power of affirmations.

Why would we? It is quite understandable, all our lives we have been telling ourselves we are NOT capable of certain things, we are limited, not good enough, not strong enough, not capable or successful, instead of focusing on what we can do and on our strengths. This makes us ask for the wrong things, we ask not to be weak instead of asking for strength.

First of all stop telling yourself you are not good enough, attractive enough, smart enough. Just tell yourself you are improving, you are learning. We can all change for the better. We are all here to learn and we all have strengths and weaknesses. If you do wish to improve on an area that you feel is a downfall, just think of yourself as a padawan, a student of a particular subject. Just say to yourself: “I am still learning” rather than “I am no good at this”.

The present is a time that is not easy to experience. We always live in the past or the future. Our anxiety, our worries, our memories. We either regret too much, want to change the past, are uncomfortable in the present or worry too much about the future, not many of us actually live in the now. When we ask for things, we ask with the future in mind, but we need them presently. By asking for things ahead of time, we are not envisioning ourselves with them or living them, weakening the request or failing it completely.

How do we ask for what we want?

Ask for it right now! Always use the present, ask as if you already have it:

Instead of: “I want to be loved.” say “I am loved.” and imagine yourself in the present, as if your desired outcome had already been achieved. This removes any question of time and creates assurance. By doing this you are setting things in motion, you are channelling positive energy that will guide your request to you. The future is always ahead, never now, so your future requests may never come.

Choose positive words and sentences! 

Do not use negativity with your requests! EVER! No “don’t”s “not”s and “no”s, use a positive form of your request. Train yourself to work in positives rather than negatives.

Example: Instead of saying “I am not sad.” say “I am happy.”

When to use them?

Daily, thousands of times a day if you feel like it! Repeat them, write them down, think about them and keep affirming them until you feel it is enough. Use them to give you strength, to change the way you talk to yourself and you describe yourself to others, to change the way you view others as well. When you feel down, just affirm ” I am strong, I am capable.”

No matter what obstacles and pitfalls you encounter, always maintain a positive approach and don’t allow yourself to become disheartened as this will set you back on your journey to fulfillment.

We hope your new affirmations will bring about positive changes in your life.


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