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Water Fountain in the Home

Water fountains are a great way to keep the water element close to us and give a room a more calming, relaxing atmosphere. They have a role keeping a space purified and cleansed, chakras balanced, improving our mood and can help us focus during meditation.

They are quite easy to find but before you purchase one, there are several things to consider regarding the quality and placement of your fountain. Here are some tips as well as some Feng Shui do’s and don’ts:

1 – Make sure the fountain takes enough water to keep running a day without requiring a refill;

2 – Choose a fountain that is of high quality and easy to clean;

3 – Use distilled or bottled water to avoid damaging it. Tap water can contain bacteria or minerals that will over time not only corrode the fountain but also make it dirtier;

4 – Buy a fountain that has a quiet motor so you can have peace and quiet when needed;

5 –┬áPlace the fountain in the East (health and family), Southeast (wealth and money) or North (career) area of your home. Avoid the South, as it will interfere with the fire element;

6 – Do not place the fountain in the bedroom. It can cause health problems with the respiratory system and it also brings the worry and sorrow element of Feng Shui into the bedroom;

7 – Make sure you do not hear the fountain when you sleep. Restful sleep is very important, so place it where you cannot hear it from inside the bedroom;

8 – Don’t place the fountain under a bedroom;

9 – Don’t place the fountain in a bathroom;

10 – You may wish to to add stones and natural oils to your fountain to boost its energy benefits.

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