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The Third Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra

Manipura, the solar plexus chakra or the third chakra, is the located above our sacral chakra, on the stomach area (between the ribcage and the navel). This is our ego and power chakra, our personal strength centre.

The solar plexus chakra manages our ability to make decisions and to control our lives. It sets personal boundaries, controls self esteem and willpower. It is through the third chakra that we draw the strength to make changes in our lives, it allows us to be in control of our emotions and thoughts. It is here that we establish a mental understanding of ourselves.

The solar plexus is also connected to physical prosperity, it is linked to our personal achievements, career and success. A healthy solar plexus chakra will help you more easily reach your goals and obtain wealth.

Symptoms of an imbalanced solar plexus chakra

When your third chakra isn’t balanced, aligned or attuned, you may feel insecure, repressed, have difficulty concentrating and making decisions, you may find fault in others and be too judgemental. Stubbornness and anger are signs of an over-active solar-plexus chakra, such as being a perfectionist and workaholic. Symptoms of mistrust, doubt, seeking approval from others, worry, depression, anxiety, are also signs that your solar plexus isn’t functioning properly.

Physical symptoms may include digestive problems, stomach ulcers, weight problems, constipation, addictions, acid reflux, pancreatitis, hepatitis, diabetes, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, arthritis.


If you think your third chakra might be blocked or needs balancing, ask yourself:

Can you say no easily, without guilt?

Do you speak your mind openly and honestly?

Can you speak with authority figures confidently?

Are you in charge of your life?

Do you lack confidence that you are overly concerned with what other people think?

Are your thoughts clouded so that you have a difficult time making decisions?

Do you take on too much responsibility because you think you know best?

Are you a perfectionist and prefer to do things yourself?

Think about these questions and you will know if your solar plexus chakra isn’t properly aligned and energised.

How to balance the solar plexus

There are several ways one can work on the solar plexus chakra. We recommend Reiki or similar energy based therapies, but if you don’t have access to them, there are things you can do at home that will help:


Meditate while focusing on your solar plexus chakra. Try to sense it, be aware of your fears and anxieties, let them go slowly. Try to envision the colour yellow at the location of the third chakra.

Meditating with a candle nearby is even more effective due to the relationship between the fire element and the solar plexus.


Eat quality carbohydrates and fiber, like lentils, flax and brown rice. Choose yellow coloured foods like corn, golden apples, lemons, yellow peppers, bananas. Drink chamomile and ginger tea (honey is an added bonus).


Wear yellow and light yellow candles around the home. You can also decorate with yellow flowers or fruit.


Belly dancing, pilates, sit ups, yoga and any exercise around the stomach area will help the solar plexus chakra. Running outside during a sunny day will also benefit the third chakra, as the energy of the sun resonates with the solar plexus.


Use affirmations to balance your chakra. Work on the issues that you have difficulty with. Say things like “I am confidant in what I do” and “I am successful”


Wear or keep close to you a crystal that has a vibrational frequency that resonates with the solar plexus chakra. Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Topaz and Amber are a few crystals you can use, provided they are cleansed and energized.

Participating in activities that empower the ego in a positive way, doing activities that you have wanted to do but couldn’t before or taking on a leadership role, will help bring the solar plexus chakra back to a healthy and balanced state.

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