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Incense: Good Incense Practises

Burning incense is quite simple, but we have been noticing people nowadays do it mindlessly, wasting the potential of such practices. Burning incense is a ritual and can be quite a powerful one by itself or when used as support for healing and cleansing work.

First of all, when you light a stick, cone or any type of incense, be careful not to burn furniture or any objects! Make sure your burner is appropriate for the type of incense you are burning. Be careful not to have furniture or objects above the incense and not to have any drafts in or out the room that might interfere with the burning.

Second, do not just light the incense and forget about it! Be mindful when you light it, say a prayer or mantra, put your intent into the incense. You can even use Reiki on the incense before you light it, to empower it.

Even if you are not religious, it does not matter, the prayer can be an affirmation about yourself or others.

Examples of affirmations for those that do not have a favourite prayer or purpose for the incense:

I am love and light.

I forgive myself and others.

I accept others for who they are, as well as myself.

I am at peace.

If you do not put you intent into the incense and the act of burning it, you will turn it into a mere air freshener and waste its potential as a cleanser and energy focus.

Use incense for meditation, for better focus, for purification. Depending on the purpose, change the prayer or affirmation, put your intent and energy into the incense and let the smoke work.

Another thing to be careful of is the quality of the incense. With so much mass produced incense, we know it is tempting to buy the most commercially available and affordable incense, but it also contains chemicals and scents that might be quite unpleasant.

Try to invest in a natural and quality incense. There are some brands we prefer but this is a very personal thing, so pick a scent that is comfortable to be around in a nicely ventilated room for a while, that is not too overpowering.

If you do need recommendations, here are two we like:

Nippon Kodo – Kayuragi – Green Tea – Incredibly light and pleasant, smells like green tea and produces little smoke. High quality brand, definitely try their other scents as well.

Shoyedo’s Moss Garden (Nokiba) – Their other scents are nice as well, but this is a classic for us. It has sandalwood, benzoin and patchouli but it is not overpowering. Just read the reviews, you will understand. A definite must have.

Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa – A classic and very popular. Again, we will let the Amazon reviews speak for ourselves, as you will have the reviews of many there.

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