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Chromotherapy: What is Colour Therapy?

Chromotherapy is the use of colour (or color, depending on where you are from) for healing. Colour is light with different wavelengths and energy, each having a different impact in our body. It can be used for healing disorders, health problems, moods and emotions, behaviour patterns and impulses. Chromotherapy is centuries old and has been used by many civilizations. Phototherapy was used in China, Egypt and India together with chromotherapy, utilizing the energy of the sun as well as colours for healing therapy. In ancient Greece, chromotherapy was used with crystal healing and salves. Colour was intrinsic to healing during ancient times.

Our chakras are especially receptive to colour, the seven colours of the rainbow, each one connected to a major chakra. These colours trigger emotional and physical reactions that affect us and those around us.

How can you use chromotherapy?

Having a good understanding of the seven major chakras is enough to understand how the seven main colours work, but just in case you don’t, here is a list of correspondences:

Red Root chakra
Orange Sacral chakra
Yellow Solar Plexus chakra
Green Heart chakra
Blue Throat chakra
Indigo Brow chakra
Violet Crown chakra

If you are familiar with the chakras, or even if you aren’t, here is how you can use these colours to your advantage:

First of all you should know that the lack of colour causes depression. This can be felt through Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) when we are subjected to less light, we suffer from a mild depression in the winter. There should always be some colour present as complete black or dark gray will make negative feelings even worse, so look at the list of colours and try to incorporate them little by little, even if you don’t feel cheerful enough to do so.

How can the colours be used? One of the best ways is to wear them, clothing or accessories. This way you see them constantly and also those around you will perceive you in a different light. You can also decorate to enhance a room’s function, eat foods that have a certain colour, keep crystals nearby that are a certain colour, therefore emit a specific energy frequency.


Red is associated with strength, power, action.

You should avoid wearing red if you are an overly active person or if you suffer from high blood pressure, anxiety or panic attacks. Red is connected to the root chakra and promotes action, basic survival instincts. Children that are overly active or hyperactive should avoid wearing red or red decorated bedrooms. If you need to get something done, if you need to take action, red is the best colour to use, it stimulates, helps heal colds because it brings a sense of warmth, releases adrenaline, enhances sexual desire, stimulates cell growth, gets the heart pumping and the body moving. Cancer patients should avoid red! Use red is you are a passive person and if procrastination is an issue.


Orange is the best colour for relationships and dealing with those around you and yourself. Use orange for improving self-esteem, for working on your body’s image and how you see yourself and present yourself to others. If you need to connect better with others, if you need to make better acquaintances, relationships, use orange.

Orange is also a colour for excitement, enthusiasm and sophistication, also a warm colour although not as action oriented as red, will still be more movement based than calming.


The colour of happiness, power and materialising dreams! It awakens the mind, promotes inspiration and creativity. A colour for change, progress, knowledge and prosperity. Associated with the sun and vitality, yellow is a good colour to combat depression and to fight physical pain. It also works on the stomach and the digestive system, speeding up the assimilation process and digestion.


Green is the colour of nature and the earth, also the main colour for healing and unconditional love. Green will promote compassion, physical and emotional healing, love and will strengthen the immune system. It brings balance, soothes the mind. It brings hope, comfort and nurtures. An optimal choice for fighting depression as well, if the root cause is emotional.


Blue is the colour for communication, it is cooling, electric and antiseptic. It helps treat issues with the throat, inflammation, it is also very cooling so it helps bring down temperatures and fight impositions and limits, good for new ideas and creativity (indigo also helps with this). Use blue to calm down restless children and for rooms where rest, relaxation are needed or practised. Blue will help singers and those that use their voice frequently as well as those that have issues communicating or that need good communication skills, especially verbal. Blue can be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis (pain relief). It also helps prevent scar tissue from forming, aids with eating disorders and depression.


Indigo is a colour for wisdom, creativity, ideas and organizing thoughts. It is how we connect to our inner selves, our spirituality and our intuition. Use it to prevent negative thoughts and feelings from occurring. Use it to keep a calm and peaceful mind.


Violet is the colour of transformation and renewal. Use violet to stimulate positive change, meditation, spiritual awareness and growth. It helps prevent emotional distress and calms the mind, harmonizes and balances dualities. Violet helps with detoxification and sleep.

Use this chromotherapy knowledge to align and balance the chakras, aid with physical and emotional problems as well as communicate needs, change perception and even manipulate the energy or rooms or spaces to work in your favour.

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