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Breathing Grounding Exercise

This breathing meditation exercise is good for grounding your body and connecting you to the earth. It will help you feel balanced and can help you relax. It can be done before any meditation or ritual that requires a deeper focus and energy.


  • Start by sitting on a chair and placing your feet on the ground. Make sure your back is straight and allow your hands to rest on your lap. Close your eyes, make sure you are comfortable and relax.
  • Take three deep breaths to remove the tension in your body. Relax your muscles and let the air get rid of any worries that you may have. Feel your muscles become loose and breathe normally.
  • Place your attention on your feet. Imagine that roots are beginning to grow out of them and into the floor. Do it slowly and use your senses to see and feel these roots. You can feel how something is growing out of your feet and how they are a part of you. Make them longer and let them penetrate the floor. If you are in an apartment, let them reach the level under you and continue to let them grow through the floor.
  • Now these roots are reaching the ground. The real soil of nature. Feel the dirt around your root as they penetrate it. Feel the bumpy and uneven soil. Smell it. the root are still growing and are moving toward the center of the earth. Continue to let them grow until you get there.
  • When the root has reached the center of the earth, take a deep breath and imagine that you are breathing in through these long roots. You are gathering energy from the earth. Picture it as a bright white light or any colour you prefer. Move the energy up through your root and let it enters your feet, moving further up in to your body. For every breath that you take you are gathering earth’s energy inside you, making your body become brighter and brighter from all the energy that is entering. Feel the energy inside of you, if you can, feel it vibrate as a strong electrical field.


Practise this for at least 10 minutes.

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