Here you can find the many mystical properties, spiritual meanings and uses of various plants and herbs, from magical to medicinal (medicinal currently being added).

The information contained here is the result of extensive research and experience. We have tried to cross reference and verify as much of this information as possible, using the most reliable sources available.
Before you venture further into the vast and complex world of herbs and plants, keep in mind that some herbs are harmful to humans. Please consider you health and safety first and research as much as possible to avoid allergic reactions or other unforeseen consequences. To be safe, avoid ingesting or applying to the skin if you are not certain of what the heck you are doing. If it hurts, or if it is red, it is probably a good idea to stop. Herbal remedies DO NOT replace a physicians care. Herbal magic is not a medical treatment.
If you cannot find the herb you are looking for, use the force. You can also use the search option on our website as many plants have several different names. If you still can't find it, let us know! Our team of expert herb detectives, scientists and probers will do their best to ensure you receive the best information possible.